Located in Ponoka county, Alberta, Vanguard Metal Works has a rich background in metal fabrication and welding. This includes residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC, sheet metal and structural welding, and stainless and aluminum welding. After being a shop lead for welding operations and site foreman for commercial and industrial job sites, the owner decided it was time to step out on his own in 2022. Vanguard Metal Works is a family based business focused on metal manufacturing,  custom sheet metal, commercial HVAC, and agricultural projects.

   The draw to start something new was born from the desire to create a company that would hold higher quality standards, provide fair market value, and focus on people as well as the product. At Vanguard Metal Works, the core values include genuine customer care, the highest quality standards, safe work practices, and staff that feel that they really belong. Valued employees that have a genuine sense of ownership and belonging is foundational to our growth. The success of our business is directly linked to the success of our employees, partners, and customers.