Custom Metal Fabrication

   Custom Metal fabrication is a process that involves building metal structures and parts through cutting, bending, welding, and assembling metals to meet the client's unique specifications. It is a trade that involves specialized equipment along with metal working and engineering expertise. The possibilities are nearly boundless on what can be made with these metal processes.

   Often, the vision for a project goes beyond what is available within the premanufactured market. This is where custom metal fabrication comes into play. You will want a fabricator on your team who has the experience with troubleshooting and creating new concepts to make that vision a reality. Custom metal fabrication is the core of Vanguard Metal Works. Together, we can take a simple idea and turn it in to the product that fits your needs.

   You may need a custom metal fabricator when considering:

   Choose a metal fabrication company that is right for you. At Vanguard Metal Works, our customer care and experience means that you will receive the product you envisioned, built with high quality and priced at fair market value.